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Thumbs up, Mom! It’s going to be ok!

I was running out of tissues to give my patient. The tears and reasons for why she couldn’t have her baby right now were endless…Most of my job as a Nurse and Sonographer is just to listen. The Bible says, “let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak…”James‬ ‭1:19‬. I’ve also been told


One of our faithful volunteers, Ken, wrote and shared this poem with us….

The Diamond Ring

“There it is, your tiny baby’s heart beat!” I said with a smile. Ultrasound never gets old. And finding the heartbeat of a tiny baby is always exciting. “I don’t see it….is it that diamond ring looking thing?” She asked. “Yes!!” I confirmed. “Exactly! It’s neat that you said diamond ring because that’s exactly what

An Open Letter To All Who Love And Support LIFE!

Dear Pastor and Friends for Life, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I pen this letter to you, I pray that what I write excites, energizes, and encourages your heart about the ministry and mission field which exists right here in our -Sin City! First Choice Pregnancy Services opened our doors

A Letter From Our Interim Executive Director…

Greetings Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to learn of what’s happening here at First Choice Pregnancy Services (FCPS). Many of you may wonder who I am and about my association with the center. My name is Deborah Costello, and in September 2004, I moved here from

A lot of change is taking place at First Choice Pregnancy Services!

Wayne Rixmann, our longtime Chairman who oversaw the ambitious expansion and renovation of our offices at 860 East Sahara Ave, has resigned after serving 2 terms on our Board. Under Wayne’s guidance, FCPS is now in an incredible position to offer 7 counseling and 2 ultrasound rooms in a state-of-the-art facility that encompasses the entire