An Open Letter To All Who Love And Support LIFE!

Dear Pastor and Friends for Life,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I pen this letter to you, I pray that what I write excites, energizes, and encourages your heart about the ministry and mission field which exists right here in our -Sin City! First Choice Pregnancy Services opened our doors in December of 2004 on a private cul-de-sac, just a stones’ throw away from the busiest abortion clinic in Nevada. This abortion facility provides abortion services through 24 weeks of pregnancy.

We opened with a very focused and specific mission that we hold true to today. That mission is seeking out abortion vulnerable women through marketing, and to have women seek us out through the services we provide. Each day we have the opportunity to show Christ to those who are vulnerable to and actively seeking an abortion, offering them Christian life-affirming support, as well as, limited medical services at no cost to them.

Over the years, the Lord has blessed our efforts and the labors of the ministry here with over 36,000 babies’ lives being spared from abortion — that’s 10% of the children in the Clark County School District, or T-Mobile Area stadium filled TWICE!! Countless lives have been touched with genuine love and support from the wonderful women who share in our mission, vision and passion to serve the Lord. They share the love, light, hope and Gospel of Jesus Christ with those whom He directs through our doors. Praise the Lord!

First Choice is believed to be the busiest center of its kind in the USA. By the grace and goodness of God, over the years, He has continued to grow and stretch us in every way imaginable. We continue to expand our services, allowing us to reach women in the darkest times of their lives as God directs us.

One way, of many ways which God has blessed our work, has been through our ability to help ladies reverse the Abortion Pill which they have taken. Due to COVID, a pill which was often, though less frequently prescribed through the first 6-8 weeks, has become a method of choice sold by abortion clinics to women who are seeking to abort through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. These mommies now can sit alone, in crisis and despair from their own homes and take a pill to end the tiny life our Creator has hidden and is knitting within them — with no medical personnel around them. One recently called us asking for help, as she had taken it earlier in the morning and was experiencing anxiety attacks.

Through science, God has provided a way to help these women, when they call us in despair, wishing to reverse the process which they have begun! God is so good, amazing and faithful! A few years ago, our medical director stepped out in faith to charter waters that were fairly new — to begin doing Abortion Pill Reversals. As this method of abortion services has continued to spike, we are being used by the Lord, to meet these women where they are. We are the only center in our state offering this service — of which we are aware.

It is exciting to witness and to be a part of all the incredible things God is doing here, therefore, I could go on and on. The mission field here in our city is ripe with fruit, and the need for more to join this mission field has never been greater! The light and hope of Jesus shines more brightly through your partnership, prayers and love.

As your prayers are vital to our success, I would like to personally ask you to keep this ministry in your prayers. Also, I would like to invite you to come for a personal tour — to observe the battlefield and trenches in which we fight from on a daily basis — to rescue these mothers and their babies from death, while sharing with them, the hope and love of Jesus.

Please, feel free to reach out to me personally at your convenience. I would love to speak with you on the phone, or come to visit you at your office.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter! May the Lord bless you and the work you do on His behalf. I look forward to meeting you and pray that we can unite in our efforts to serve Jesus, making much of Him in our city.

On Behalf of His Little Ones,

Deborah Costello