March for Life

Life Unites Us: Marching Strong for a Pro-Life Tomorrow!

Will YOU March for Us?
Twins born last fall

We March For Life

Get ready to make a meaningful impact!

Join our March for Life and take the extra step by creating your own fundraising team or contributing to existing ones through our crowdfunding platform. Every dollar raised goes towards supporting the sanctity of life and advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. Whether you’re passionate about protecting the unborn, empowering mothers, or championing the right to life, your efforts matter because abortions are up 50% in Nevada, turning our state into an abortion tourism destination and leading to a surge in out-of-state walk-ins, transforming our local challenge into a national ministry.

Create or support a team today and be a vital part of our collective journey towards a pro-life future!

Event Details

March for Life 2024 Event Details

When: March 16, 2024

Where: Trinity Life Center, 1000 E. Saint Louis Avenue

Time: Registration Opens at 9:00 am, March Kick-Off at 9:30

Join Us Today – Create a Virtual Team or Gather One In-Person

Even if you’re miles away, your support matters – join our March for Life and stand united with us in championing the value of every life, no matter where you call home. Rally your friends, family, and community to join the cause, in person or virtually online. Together, let’s not just talk, but walk and make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

Register Here Become A Sponsor
Register Here Become A Sponsor