A Letter From Our Interim Executive Director…

Greetings Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to learn of what’s happening here at First Choice Pregnancy Services (FCPS).

Many of you may wonder who I am and about my association with the center. My name is Deborah Costello, and in September 2004, I moved here from the Midwest to help open and establish First Choice.

While raising four beautiful children with which God has blessed my husband and me, I’ve had the privilege of volunteering in various capacities for FCPS these past 17 years, including as a member of the Board since 2015. I love serving the Lord alongside these awesome volunteers and staff members. I’ve been delighted to see God’s expansion of our ministry.

Recently, our Board asked me to serve as the Interim Executive Director, while we search for the right person God has to lead us forward in this capacity. We covet your prayers during this transitional time.

As I have begun working here on a daily basis, I once again get to personally witness the mighty work that the Lord continues here. He’s such a good and faithful Father.

Recently, we had the busiest day on record here at First Choice. We administered a record 29 pregnancy tests, performed 16 ultrasounds, 3 follow-up consultations and had 1 abortion pill reversal. Lives were touched, saved and impacted for Christ in ways we cannot begin to measure.

For the month of April 2021, we served 482 distinct clients. This is a run-rate of 5,800 annually, which is about the number of clients we served in all of 2019 and 2020 combined! This HUGE increase in our client load includes the many pregnant mothers who walk into our facility seeking abortions. Via ultrasound, these women are given the opportunity to see into their womb and witness the miracle of the precious and valuable life which God is knitting within them.

Due to the impact we are having on the abortion industry, we have also been met with spiritual warfare. We recognize the adversary’s attacks and ask that you would join us in prayer during this time, standing in the gap and holding back those being led to the slaughter, on behalf of the unborn and their mothers.

We are trusting the Lord for direction, knowing that He is at work and is faithful to meet our every need. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of this vital mission, as we look forward to laboring together in this fruitful harvest of precious souls.

On behalf of HIS little ones,


P. S.— If you have any questions or would like to come visit First Choice, we would love to talk/meet with you!

Office: (702) 294-2273