Thumbs up, Mom! It’s going to be ok!

I was running out of tissues to give my patient. The tears and reasons for why she couldn’t have her baby right now were endless…Most of my job as a Nurse and Sonographer is just to listen. The Bible says, “let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak…”James‬ ‭1:19‬. I’ve also been told that God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak.

“…And I’m homeless, I’ve been drinking, I’ve been on drugs, what if the baby has defects? I have no insurance, no job, I don’t even know who the father of the baby is, my parents are going to kill me if they find out, I just can’t, not now, not now…”

I silently handed her another tissue with my left hand as I continued scanning her baby with my right hand. I didn’t have specific answers for her. I didn’t have a magic wand to make it all better. But I did have Jesus…the only LIGHT in times of DARKNESS. He is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve witnessed Him do His miracles OVER, and OVER again. I continued listening to her dilemma of being torn from not wanting to end the life of her baby.

“You know, there’s no pressure, you don’t have to make a decision right now. You can come back next week for another free ultrasound.” I dabbed her cheeks with the tissues. “Most importantly, You are not alone, we are here for you and will connect you to every resource you need. Listen, I don’t know HOW God is going to make a way, but I do know that if you follow Him, He will MOVE mountains and PART the seas for you. He WILL make a WAY, when there is NO WAY…”

Her sobbing started to quiet down. “Can I see my baby again?”

“Of course!” I said with a smile.

Once again, I placed the probe on her slightly rounded belly. Neither one of us were prepared for what we saw next. The tiny 9 week baby (~1 inch long) paused for a moment, turned to face the ultrasound probe, and LITERALLY gave his mother a “thumbs up ”

“Oh my gosh!” She gasped, “my baby is telling me it’s going to be ok. Did you see that?!?” She exclaimed.

“Yes, I am capturing this moment right now for you.” I said with a huge smile. This time, the tears that fell from her eyes were tears of relief, joy, peace, comfort, and overwhelming love.

Truth and Love changes EVERYTHING!

Written by Tammy H. – RN, Sonographer at FCPS