The Diamond Ring

“There it is, your tiny baby’s heart beat!” I said with a smile. Ultrasound never gets old. And finding the heartbeat of a tiny baby is always exciting.

“I don’t see it….is it that diamond ring looking thing?” She asked.

“Yes!!” I confirmed. “Exactly! It’s neat that you said diamond ring because that’s exactly what it looks like! The ‘ring’ is the yolk sac that gives the baby nourishment in the first trimester before the placenta takes over. And the ‘diamond’ that is ‘sparkling’ to the fast rhythm, is your baby’s heart beat!”

“Wow….I had NO IDEA.”

I chuckled and smiled. “Neither did I until I started learning ultrasound! I’ve been a nurse for 20 years, studying for my doctorate, and gave birth to 6 children and I didn’t even know this stuff!!”

“You see,” I continued, “before man invented the diamond ring , God created this precious symbol of ‘eternal love’ in your womb. A devotion of love between two people (Mother and child) for the rest of their lives. Just like an engagement ring, the circle of the ring represents ‘forever, infinity, eternal.’ And the diamond, as you know, is rare, precious, priceless and represents strength, love, and long life.”

Tears of joy started to fall from my patient’s soft brown cheeks. Just 2 days ago, she had taken the Abortion pill and immediately regretted it. Through a friend, she found out that my clinic does APR (Abortion Pill Reversal) for mom’s just like her. She was hopeful to see her baby’s heartbeat today.


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Written by Tammy H. – RN, Sonographer at FCPS