Our Mission

“All-In” For The Unborn Since 2004

First Choice is a Christian ministry on the frontline of a very real battle for unborn lives. Our mission is to serve those most vulnerable to abortion in Las Vegas and beyond.

Our Location

We believe God ordained our location as we are footsteps away from the busiest and latest-term abortion clinic in Nevada. Our location is a substantial strategic advantage because everyone must pass First Choice Pregnancy Services to reach the abortion clinic.
Our close proximity constantly reminds us we are in a life-and-death struggle. Indeed, a large majority of the women we serve are actively seeking abortion services.

A Sense of Urgency

We regularly serve women who have already scheduled an abortion. Their set appointments give us a strong sense of urgency to intervene and let them know “God has other plans” for their lives and those they carry. There is no time to waste!

We strive to provide life-saving ultrasound exams on the same day they are looking to abort. Our mission is to serve the most difficult cases—women on an abortion-bound trajectory.

We’re Trusting God

We are grateful for God’s mission that we “hold back those being led to the slaughter” (Prov 24:11). We trust His provision for us in this mission that the Holy Spirit will guide the words of our counselors, and He will ensure the women hear what’s necessary.

We praise God for the opportunity to provide our services to abortion-minded walk-ins, and we are blessed to serve Him on the front lines of the fight for LIFE!

Building A Legacy

We engage with each woman as God sends her through our doors. We earn their trust by sharing the truth with Christian love and compassion.

A baby’s survival rate significantly increases when a mother sees and hears her baby’s heart beating. Through ultrasound technology, we can reveal the life that’s being intricately knitted within her. 

We pray for the most difficult cases and align our services to meet the needs of every abortion-minded woman. We are here for such a time as this.