Giving Tuesday

“Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.” ~ Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Your Giving Provides Abortion Reversals and More!

In Nevada, First Choice Pregnancy Services is the only center who provides abortion reversals. Below are two stories given by the parents directly impacted by your giving. They are special stories because they are about babies being saved from abortion, through abortion reversals. Just $250 saves a life at First Choice, which means $2,500 saves 10 babies, and $25,000 saves 100 babies! Will you help save the next life at First Choice?

“My name is Jessica, and I had taken the pill. I had reached that 24-hour period and started second-guessing. I didn’t know, is my baby alive? Is my baby not alive? And so, my mom said a prayer, and we went out hunting to get that ultrasound. The clock was ticking, and luckily you guys were able to get me in within thirty minutes. Seeing that my baby was alive, and my baby did have a heartbeat, and my baby was okay, and there was that potential for a reversal, even at ten weeks, that’s what changed my mind.”

“My name is Alberto, and this is my wife Loretto…There’s a running joke in our family because we get pregnant very easily. We’ve had five, and we thought we were done. I’m a 44-year-old man and my wife is 35, and we thought that was it for us. Sometime in the summer, we found out that we were going to have another child, and we used every excuse we could to justify our actions, which were shameful, awful, and the worst thing we could think of…and that was getting an abortion. With entertaining it very little, we took the first of five abortion pills. The first one is supposed to stop the progesterone in your body and essentially end the pregnancy and the other ones flushes the baby out. Well immediately after taking that first pill and on our way home, we were both in a state of confusion. We were upset. We were crying because our whole motto in life has always been that we’re working hard for our children and we want to provide for our children, yet we were doing this horrible thing. So, upon getting home, my wife went upstairs, and I could hear her crying within thirty minutes of getting home and I started looking online to see if there was anything we could do to stop this shameful act that we had done. Thank God I ran across an article about reversals on abortion pills. We immediately called the number. I think it was Dr. Hamza that we spoke with, and she immediately talked us into it. Within twenty to thirty minutes, we had a prescription at the local Walgreens, and I was rushing there because in my mind, in our mind, we had given one of our children poison. It was like we had literally given one of our six children poison and we were rushing to get the antidote to save their lives. So, I got to Walgreens, and I remember there was five or six people in line, and I said “Look, my wife and I are waiting for this pill because it’s going to save the baby that we essentially tried to kill.” She was very graceful about it and she immediately gave us this pill, (we) went home. The God part of it came next. The miracle. Which is now, we’re happy to report, that our child is healthy and we’re what? Three months into this now? After everything that we did, the poison, the bad wishes, God prevailed over man and woman. And so we’re so thankful to be here, and we’re so thankful to have found your organization. He’s going to be a boy! A little boy.”